What color is reality?

Michael Bright
2 min readMar 26, 2021
Roses are red, roses are blue, depends on their speed, relative to you.

If you see a red rose, how would you feel if someone tells you it’s blue? Especially if the person does so without specifying further: this rose you see as red right now will be seen as blue if it was at a great distance approaching you at a high speed. So, the color of the rose doesn't depend on the rose, but on the situation it finds itself.

This is a simple experiment you can perform in your room. Get an RGB LED light. Change the colors and see how the colors of the objects around the room change too. What if the color of sunlight was different, maybe as red as Betelgeux, or as blue as Rigel. Then the color of everything you see would be different. You wouldn't see the sea and sky as blue or the trees as green.

Take a moment to think about the implication of this. The people you love, the people you hate, are as they are because of the situation they find themselves in. If things were different, independent of the people in your life, you’d feel differently about them. This is a harsh reality, but it’s as it is. Nothing is how they appear to be. Once you understand this, how would you want to live your life? Would you want to continue to hate the people you hate or understand they are the way they are because of the situation they find themselves in?

Will you continue to be hard on yourself because you’re not where you want to be, or will you give yourself a chance, gradually changing the situation you're in, in other to become who you want to be?

Everything that happens inside the universe is inherently true. An absolute lie is something that isn’t, piece of fiction, something that doesn't exist. Doesn’t that mean if something happens, then it exists, so, therefore, it is true? What do you want to be your truth?

Stop laying blames and take control of your creative power and create the reality you want for yourself.

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