I decided to make a list of people’s opinion of me, shocking

Michael Bright
3 min readFeb 25, 2021

Apparently, Someone believes I’m a perfectionist with my relationships but I fail to realize that perfection isn’t attainable. I don’t like conflict. I help other people to prove that I’m better than them and because it makes me feel good about myself.

But that’s not all, check out the full list:

*Not arranged in any specific order*

So, according to people, I’m :

  1. Not emotionally vulnerable.
  2. Too interested in communication.
  3. Too ugly.
  4. Too young.
  5. A romantic.
  6. Cute.
  7. Handsome.
  8. Mechanical.
  9. Too ambitious.
  10. Too nice.
  11. Arrogant.
  12. Unreasonable.
  13. Stubborn.
  14. A genius.
  15. A philosopher.
  16. Smart.
  17. Intelligent.
  18. Autistic.
  19. A raw diamond.
  20. Impressive.
  21. Invaluably helpful.
  22. Hot-tempered.
  23. Impulsive.
  24. Structured.
  25. Messy.
  26. A disaster.
  27. Reliable.
  28. Generous.
  29. Honest.
  30. Too talkative.
  31. Shy.
  32. An extrovert.
  33. Amazing.

I dare to say, dear reader, that even as you probably don’t know anything about me, you may have believed some of these things on the list before even hearing my side of the story.

Please note: In the list, I didn’t include comments made as a result of a joke, an insult, or intent to make me feel bad — for whatever reason, maybe not even specifically directed at me but I happened to be in the crossfire — nor comments resulting from a burst of anger — caused by me or not, that they’d later apologize for (or not).

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