The people who choose to take their dreams and make them real will always inspire the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go after what you want in life. The commitment to moving forward, picking yourself back up, and always striving to grow is extraordinary in itself. It shouldn’t be underestimated.


How I found inspiration

When I was studying through high school, I was having quite a tough time. I had a lot to do, and I wanted more from life than the common everyday grind. …

Roses are red, roses are blue, depends on their speed, relative to you.

If you see a red rose, how would you feel if someone tells you it’s blue? Especially if the person does so without specifying further: this rose you see as red right now will be seen as blue if it was at a great distance approaching you at a high speed. So, the color of the rose doesn't depend on the rose, but on the situation it finds itself.

This is a simple experiment you can perform in your room. Get an RGB LED light. Change the colors and see how the colors of the objects around the room change…

In a previous article, I wrote about how The truth is though, there are a few impossible things in the universe, according to physics. But there are so many possible things that you’d never really have the time to miss the truly impossible ones.

So, what are these possible things? Basically, anything you can think of, and want, reasonably: break bad habits, build better ones, quit an addiction, find love, make a lot of money, acquire new personality traits, get yourself out of a toxic environment and situations if your…

Studying and learning, what’s the difference?

When people say they don’t like school, they actually mean they don't like studying. There are so many better and easier ways to learn that don’t involve tedious studying. But the problem is, school material is optimized for studying, not for other ways of learning. And everybody will struggle with studying even a subject they're passionate about. The only reason it may be easier for you to study a subject you love is that you would spend your free time learning about the particular subject. …

Apparently, Someone believes I’m a perfectionist with my relationships but I fail to realize that perfection isn’t attainable. I don’t like conflict. I help other people to prove that I’m better than them and because it makes me feel good about myself.

But that’s not all, check out the full list:

*Not arranged in any specific order*

So, according to people, I’m :

  1. Not emotionally vulnerable.
  2. Too interested in communication.
  3. Too ugly.
  4. Too young.
  5. A romantic.
  6. Cute.
  7. Handsome.
  8. Mechanical.
  9. Too ambitious.
  10. Too nice.
  11. Arrogant.
  12. Unreasonable.
  13. Stubborn.
  14. A genius.
  15. A philosopher.
  16. Smart.
  17. Intelligent.
  18. Autistic.
  19. A raw diamond.
  20. Impressive.
  21. Invaluably helpful.
  22. Hot-tempered.
  23. Impulsive.
  24. Structured.
  25. Messy.
  26. A disaster.
  27. Reliable.
  28. Generous.
  29. Honest.
  30. Too…

In this life, there are as many ways to achieve success as there are definitions of success. For some, being able to freely spend money without thinking about getting into trouble is what success in life means. For others, it’s having a loving family and a few close friends. For others, it’s experiencing the world: mixing up with other cultures, visiting places, etc.

What I find common and crucial in achieving success in life, whatever your definition of success is, is having the ability to build relationships.

You can make money, you can have close friends, you can visit places…

Chris Hadfield spacewalk

‘What’s the next thing that’s going to kill us?’

“Don’t visualize success. Have an idea of what perfection might be but then as soon as you start thinking about where you wanna end up, start visualizing what is the most probable thing to go wrong… and then start getting ready for that to happen. Because things always go wrong, that’s life”

Chris Hadfield

The above quote was a statement made by famous astronaut and amateur rock star, Col. Chris Hadfield. According to Chris, the risk involved with being an astronaut is so high there’s a need for laser precision and insane focus.

Astronaut, I believe, is the career that…

Elon Musk in music studio: the making of “don’t doubt ur vibe “

What are the traits and habits of an extraordinary person?

I was asked this question recently. And sincerely, the answer I could give in private — personalized to the person asking the question, who I know quite well— would be different from what I could reply to a question like this in public. But I’ll do my best to give a generalized answer that will give an insight into what my thoughts are on the subject matter.

First and foremost, you have to understand that what is ordinary and what is extraordinary can be vastly different depending on different factors like timing, place, resources available, etc. …

Growth info-grafhic, on your way to self actualization.
Use this guide to find your way to self-actualization

Some years ago, I had a job where I basically had no free time whatsoever. I barely had time to clean up and rest a bit between shifts. I had to spend my free time preparing for what I had to do on duty. It was a fun job though, about sports and music. But I had to be on it for 12 hours a day non-stop, and spend another 2 hours commuting throughout the day between shifts. Nah, no way. I soon called it quits. I had other plans for what I’d rather be doing with my time. If…

Worried woman hugging a pillow, unable to make better decisions

As you know, most of the time, we all know exactly what we need to do in order to reach our goals, albeit some moments of uncertainty when overthinking stalls us from taking action. This stems from not knowing if what we know as a “good option” is actually the best and easiest way to ultimately achieve what we really want. How can we make better decisions in moments of uncertainty?

Sometimes, we wonder if what we think we want is actually what’s best for us, or if we’re making a mistake. And knowing this for sure helps us determine…

Michael Bright

I aim to write helpful articles that will increase your productivity and promote your well-being.

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